(日本語) 中央精機株式会社様より、次世代タイヤ組付設備開発において感謝状を賜りました。


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(日本語) 大阪府北部を震源とする地震の影響に関するお知らせ

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(日本語) JIMTOF2018 第29回日本国際工作機械見本市に出展致します。


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(日本語) 【東京事務所移転のお知らせ】


(日本語) 臨時バランシング・ラボ開設のお知らせ!!「JIMTOF2016」


(日本語) JIMTOF2016第28回日本工作機械見本市に出展します

(日本語) 廉価版計測回路「MMi-902A Lite」販売開始


(日本語) 株式会社エクセディ様が、NHK番組「超絶 凄ワザ!」のコマ対決で勝利されました。


(日本語) 計測ユニットMシリースの修理対応について


(日本語) 計測回路CAB690型及びCAB720型保守・サービスに関するお願い


Balancing Laboratory: Product Development Support is now open!!


We appreciate your continuing patronage. In order to serve you better in developing new products we established a new department, Balancing Lab Product Development Support, as of 29th, October, 2013.


The cause of vibration in rotational objects stems mainly from unbalance.

Here at the new laboratory, we offer services on balancing of your new products from planning, testing, and measurements as well as design and production of attachments for your new products.

Please send us the specifications of your products to the address below.

We will promptly handle and reply with our estimates.


for inquiries  Sales Department       TEL : 072-696-3301

                                      E-mail :

For maintenance of Mitutoyo balancing machines


 As already officially announced in the Homepage both of Nagahama Seisakusho Ltd.,(herein after Nagahama) dated 2010 August 1 and Mitsutoyo Corporation(herein after Mitsutiyo) dated 2010 August 2, maintenance work of the balancing machines manufactured by Mitsutoyo (including old Akashi machines) is going to be shifted to Nagahama from 2014 January 1st .

 With regard to the said business transfer, we need the support of the company Ishiwata Balance Koki(herein after Ishiwata) and its group technicians who possess enough knowledge and experience in the said machines.

 Since 2010 we have been working together with 4 parties such as Nagaham, service staff from Mitsutoyo and Ishiwata and its technician group,  however after 2014 1.1, the 3 parties excluding Mitsutoyo, namely Nagahama, Ishiwata and its group are scheduled to take care of maintenance of the Mitsutoyo Machines(incl. old Akashi machines).


 We sincerely ask for your understanding of our maintenance structure as mentioned above.

New product “measurement unit MMi-902A” sale


We were prepared and sales start the horizontal balancing machine for our original model.

We have developed the measurement unit ”MMi-902A” for a horizontal balancing machine for the purpose of facilitation of after-sales service, and reduce cost .

Balancing Lab. Development support