Spin Testing Services

In recent years, the demand for quality and safety has become even greater with the increasing speeds in rotating products. Therefore, spin tests to verify durability and burst spin speeds are required during the development or manufacturing phases.
Nagahama Seisakusho offers proposals of specifications and implementation on spin testing for customers’ newly developed products, as well as high-precision measurement of shapes. We can also design and manufacture attachments in addition to analyzing the product shape to achieve the target speed.
Furthermore, we can provide a consistent service from balancing to spin testing.
Optimal balancing, enabled only by a specialized manufacturer, thoroughly reduces initial unbalance and eliminates unknown factors through highly reliable spin tests.

We offer optimal balancing which enables thoroughly reduced initial unbalance and elimination of unknown factors through highly reliable spin tests.
Machine Specifications
  • Type: SCHENCK spin tester Centrio100 SL
    Two types of gearboxes with different rotation speeds and load capacities are available (PL12 / PL4)
    Full automation of the test process with CAST 2 (Computer-Aided Spin Testing) software for spin testing
    Supports measurement of up to 64 analog and digital signals
Rotor diameter: max. 1,000mm
Rotor overall length: max. 820 mm
Maximum rotor speed and load
Max. speedMax. load
Gearbox PL1263,000rpmSolid 400kg, Hollow 200kg
Gearbox PL4240,000rpm10kg
Vacuum: less than 1 mbar
* Please contact us for rotors not listed above.
Spin test
Overspeed test: Strength evaluation
Heat cycle test: Thermal fatigue evaluation
Endurance test: Fatigue strength evaluation by repeated rotation speed profile
Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) Test: S-N curve generation and creep property evaluation
High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Test: Fatigue evaluation under operating conditions
Centrifugal tension test: Material strengthening (acceleration to yield point)
Burst test: Evaluation of fracture conditions

Heating: up to 250°C
Non-contact real-time expansion measurement (elastic and plastic deformation, max. 3 cross sections)
Balancing evaluation before and after testing
Precise dimensional measurement before and after testing
  Carl Zeiss 3D Measuring Machine ACCURA
  Typical measurement accuracy: 1.2+L/350μm, where L is the measurement length
High-speed video recording during bursts (video rental available according to test contents)

Example of spin testing for EV motor
Example of non-contact real-time expansion measurement output
Reference Results(Spin test system, made by SCHENCK Rotec)
Spin test system, made by SCHENCK Rotec
EV motors
Hyperloop rotating parts
Aircraft jet engines
Turbo machinery
Rocket pump parts
SCHENCK spin testers available for sale(Machine Specification)
centrio Weight,max Diameter,max Length,max Speed,max Drive power,max
size kg mm mm rpm kW
20 10 200 250 3,000-
50 50 500 315-615 30
70 400 700 650 75
100 800 1,000 820 90
150 1,600 1,500 1,000-1,200 160
200 3,150 2,000 1,250-2,000 250
270 6,300 2,700 1,250-2,250 315