Nagahama acquired Tire Uniformity Business from Kobe Steel

September 22, 2023
Nagahama Seisakusho Ltd.

Nagahama Seisakusho announces that the tire uniformity business was transferred from Kobe Steel on September 11, 2023, following the decision made by Kobe Steel to withdraw from the tire testing machine*1 business.

Our Company entered into a sales partnership agreement with Kobe Steel in the early 2000s and both companies have been engaged in sales activities of Kobe Steel’s uniformity machines*2 and our Company’s balancing machines*3 for tire production lines, mainly in China. Along with the decision made by Kobe Steel this time, we expect that this business transfer will bring synergy effects to our business development, leveraging our long-standing excellent sales collaboration with Kobe Steel.

The business items transferred from Kobe Steel are: (1) Manufacture, sale, and after-sales service of new uniformity machines for tire production lines (2) After-sales service of certain types of existing uniformity machines for tire production lines delivered by Kobe Steel. In addition, Kobe Steel has discontinued the manufacture and sale of new tire testing machines and plans to gradually end after-sales service of the tire testing machines that have not been transferred to our Company*4.

We are determined to continuously provide our customers with superior technologies, products, and services with reliable quality sticking to our corporate philosophy “Customer First” and strengthening business activities to celebrate our Company’s 100 years anniversary successfully reaching in 25 years from now.



Tire testing machines are a general term for equipment to measure the performance of tires, which include tire uniformity machines, tire endurance testing machines, etc.



Uniformity machines are used in the final process of tire production to measure the uniformity of tires and detect the presence of surface defects, which affect the riding comfort of automobiles.



Balancing machines are used to measure the unbalance caused by the misalignment between the center of gravity and the axis of rotation of any rotating objects, including tires.



Tire testing machines that have not been transferred include off-line machines used for tire experiments, R&D, and inspection, such as tire uniformity machines and tire endurance testing machines for laboratories, and uniformity machines for old tire production lines, etc.

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