For maintenance of Mitutoyo balancing machines


 As already officially announced in the Homepage both of Nagahama Seisakusho Ltd.,(herein after Nagahama) dated 2010 August 1 and Mitsutoyo Corporation(herein after Mitsutiyo) dated 2010 August 2, maintenance work of the balancing machines manufactured by Mitsutoyo (including old Akashi machines) is going to be shifted to Nagahama from 2014 January 1st .

 With regard to the said business transfer, we need the support of the company Ishiwata Balance Koki(herein after Ishiwata) and its group technicians who possess enough knowledge and experience in the said machines.

 Since 2010 we have been working together with 4 parties such as Nagaham, service staff from Mitsutoyo and Ishiwata and its technician group,  however after 2014 1.1, the 3 parties excluding Mitsutoyo, namely Nagahama, Ishiwata and its group are scheduled to take care of maintenance of the Mitsutoyo Machines(incl. old Akashi machines).


 We sincerely ask for your understanding of our maintenance structure as mentioned above.

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